Our Story

The National Personal Training Institute may have started as just a concept, but now it is larger than life and starting to span all four corners of the globe.

Gene McIlvaine, a dynamic and innovative dreamer, took a picture of a vacant room for lease and shot it over to his friend. He said, “This is going to be a Massage School” …and that is exactly what happened. In the early 80’s he brought his dream to life. A few years into growing his massage schools and falling in love with what Post-Secondary Education can bring to an individual’s life, he expanded his vision and started The National Personal Training Institute.

Brick and mortar schools started popping up in almost every major metropolitan area across the nation. Hundreds of students were graduating per year from these locations, and the National Personal Training Institute began changing lives on an exponential level. It quickly became the place where sought-after fitness professionals were bred.

The National Personal Training Institute is the first and largest educational program of its kind. It continues to raise-the-bar in the fitness industry and has expanded its educational reach by offering Continuing Educational Units (CEUs), on-going Community Support Memberships, as well as a hybrid of the popular diploma program called the National Personal Training Institute Personal Certification (CPT). It combines the second-to-none, hands-on personal training education with an online, interactive study program. This program was designed for the person who isn’t fortunate enough to live near one of our Diploma Programs and is a busy individual that refuses to sit idle and who demands a top-notch education for their continued growth and success.

We have it all.

Gene McIlvaine’s dream of changing lives one student at a time has grown exponentially around the globe. We are now a culture, a community, a movement of like-minded individuals supporting each other in their quest to greatness.

From dream to reality, we are THE National Personal Training Institute!

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