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Supplemental Materials   ||    eBook   ||    Worksheets/Reflections   ||    End of Chapter Quizzes and Cumulative Test that earn you a 1.9 NationalPTI CEUs  — 1.5 NASM CEUs and — 15 AFFA CEUs (Accepted by most all other Certifications and Agencies as well)  ||    And to top it all off — a life-long network with Fitness Professionals across the globe through our closed Facebook page




You do not have to be a Fitness Professional to take this course. Mom’s, Dad’s, Former Athlete’s, Professional Coaches, Body Workers, and the Average Jane/Joe that just wants the “quick and dirty” of overall health, wellness and fitness, and a tool that will LITERALLY create success and decrease stress in your Health, Wellness and Fitness Journey.

Learn to Thrive and not just Survive

The current state of human health is concerning and we as Fitness Professionals have the opportunity to play a role in changing lives and creating a healthy ripple affect that cannot be measured.  If you want your clients to become aware, empowered, and start winning then we, as Fitness Professionals, have the responsibility to understand the entire scope of Health, Wellness, and Fitness.  

Health and Wellness Guru covers the inner working relationships of sleep, recovery, stress coping, nutrition, activity, detoxification, and communication within the body that are paramount in the understanding and navigation to your best self.  

  1. Learn the sciences in an easily digested fashion
  2. Learn the tools to take your health and wellness to its peak and apply it to your clients and athletes for a well-rounded fitness program
  3. Take our Health and Wellness Questionnaire
  4. Complete the detailed “Rubric Questionnaire” that will transform the way you train your clients and navigate through your own health and wellness journey

Learn to work smarter not harder!

~ Earn 1.9 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the National Personal Training Institute

~ Earn 1.5 Continuing Education Units through NASM

~ Earn 15 Continuing Education Units through AFFA

CEU is not VA benefitted

Authored by Arik Wiest and Jennifer Prater



*All sales are final.

Course Content

Total learning: 16 lessons / 9 quizzes Time: 3 weeks

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