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Certification Highlights:

  • Hands on course
  • Authentic voice, teaching through relatable situations
  • Real-world application
  • With our interactive on-line CPT, you will take your final exam with an instructor live online
  • You will not sit for your test until you are ready, under the guidance of your instructor
  • Free final retake, if needed
  • At home testing or at any facility that you prefer
  • Business tips and education for success
  • Accommodates all learning styles
  • Regular instructor support
  • Only exam that has a personal relationship between student and teacher
  • Changing the parameters of online education by being the only exam in the world where your exam will be taught in a practical manner


The National Personal Training Institute carries the distinction of being the Leader in Personal Training Education for decades.


We believe that students need to be taught how to adapt foundational knowledge of the human body and principles of training. Along with the skills coming from previous education and experiences, and meshing that into your own business practice. Adapting means that you take and make your authentic voice. Something you stand behind with pride and passion while creating your identifiable brand and stamp on the industry.  Something that works with your demographic and space.  Ultimately giving you the command and feel all while being relatable and bringing meaningfulness to your clients. If you think about it, this is the exact opposite of adopting textbook knowledge into a standardized test just to receive a passing score. Yes, we all need to check off a box in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, but why not do so with a model that helps you succeed at the highest level along the way. We stand by this model. Our students put in the extra mile put that one extra mile pays dividends throughout their careers.

We have taken the best of the best, from the best of the best in the industry, and created the National Personal Training Institute’s Certification (CPT) Personal Training program.  The Online CPT is a 100-hour online Theory curriculum that supports learning anywhere you can tap into the internet.  You start your training with becoming business savvy.  This trains you to navigate through the health, wellness, kinesiology, and biomechanics curriculum looking through a business lens which helps you create your brand and business vision.  This is arguably the most important and is usually left for the last chapter or two.

Our CPT program materials are put in multiple languages* and formats to appeal to different learning styles: eBooks, audio*, videos, power point presentations, reflections, worksheets, end of chapter quizzes, as well as other supplemental information and support.

And we don’t believe in capitalizing on retaking fees.  All our students can relax in that we allocate a free retake in the event of a non passing score.  You learn from failing.  Practice and repetition helps us retain and learn the material.

Phenomenal education is now accessible to all.  Join us and call yourself a NationalPTI CPT.  It is not just a Certification, but a connection. A community, as well as the advantage in the industry you have been searching for.  A business opportunity.  We are different.




*Audio and languages coming soon.

*All sales are final.

*Not available in the following states: CA, FL, PA, NJ, OH, OR

Course Content

Total learning: 52 lessons / 18 quizzes

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