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Business Savvy $299.00
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Business Savvy

April 18, 2018 / 1 Comment

Through this online course grow your business into the successful, sustainable, and highly profitable revenue stream you’ve envisioned, all while holding true to your passion and honoring your inner self. Learn to avoid the “Comfortably Uncomfortable”.

Arik Wiest
Foundations:  Movement and Biomechanics $299.00
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Foundations: Movement and Biomechanics

April 17, 2018 / No Comments

Learn your body’s biomechanical advantage and learn to maximize your potential in this online program.  By the time you finish this Foundations course you will have a greater understanding of kinesiology, biomechanics and the tools to be an affective coach and trainer.  We take graduate level studies, over 20 years of training, coaching and instructing experience to provide you the immediate insight and knowledge needed to be successful in the Fitness Industry.  

Arik Wiest
Health and Wellness Guru $299.00
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Health and Wellness Guru

April 16, 2018 / No Comments

The Health and Wellness Guru Online Course covers the inner working relationships of sleep, recovery, stress coping, nutrition, activity, detoxification, and communication within the body that are paramount in the understanding and navigation to your best self  

Arik Wiest
Kettlebell Training CEU $99.00
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Kettlebell Training CEU

April 15, 2018 / No Comments

This utility certification is designed to help you conquer the kettlebell.  Learn the different styles, fundamental movements and safety cues, exercises and program design principles that will help you immediately take your training to the next level.  Train for stamina, strength, stabilization, mobility, power, and speed in an integrative style. Get big bang for your buck.

Sling Training CEU $99.00
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Sling Training CEU

April 14, 2018 / No Comments

ONLINE COURSE  Supplemental Materials  ||   eBook   ||    Worksheets/Reflections   ||   End of Chapter Quizzes and Cumulative Test    ||   Earn 0.5 CEUs    ||   And to top it all off — a life-long network with Fitness Professionals across the globe through our closed Facebook page This utility certification…

Arik Wiest
The Mindful Trainer $159.00
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The Mindful Trainer

April 13, 2018 / No Comments

Through the simple practices outlined in this Online Course, The Mindful Trainer, you will learn how to optimize your training sessions by bringing your and your clients’ attention into the present moment. Utilizing the three “Re’s”– Re-connecting, Re-committing and Re-conditioning–you will strengthen the Trainer/Client trust muscles, and in the process improve the likelihood of your business success and personal well-being over the long haul.

Barb Robitaille
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